Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Ice still in Chequamegon Bay. And the Ore Dock is slowly being torn down.

Click on each photo for a larger version.

Panoramic photo of Chequamegon Bay taken 05/01/13 from the overlook just west of Chequamegon Hotel on the north side of US Highway 2.  The far left of the photo is looking toward the west-southwest (the head of the bay). The far right of the photo is looking east-southeast toward Ashland Ore Dock undergoing demolition. The center of the photo is looking west-northwest toward Washburn WI.

This photo was taken today from the same spot as the panoramic view above was taken. This is the current state of demolition of the ore dock. Note the distance from shore and the backhoes near the southern (shore) end.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The very sad passing of a friend. R.I.P. my friend.

Rest in Peace my friend. 
Dan C. April 15, 1959 to February 27, 2013

Dan and family at recent much happier times.

Update: March 5, 2013 saying goodbye to Dan.
Today (03/05/2013) we went to Dan's funeral. 
The first hymn The Old Rugged Cross  has life long meaning to me. It was my grandmother's favorite hymn and in my minds eye was this cross at the top of this hill at the camp I went to starting at age seven.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday afternoon at Mt. Ashwabay. Ski racing and visiting with old friends.

Scott headed up for another run.

The years pass but Kathy never seems to get any older. She can still beat almost everyone else on the hill when it come to Sunday racing.

Tim can still turn in a great time. This run 27:29 sec.

Scott enjoying the day.

Coach Kathy and one of her team members.

Scott and Mike headed up the hill.

Tim and Bob.

The sun tried to breakout in the late afternoon.  I set out today to take some outdoor picture. Outdoor sunny picture. I'm glad I had a "high speed" camera because the sun did not hang around for long. Still turned out to be a fun day.

The moon sure put on a great show at the end of the day.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A good day of fishing on Chequamegon Bay.

Sunny day, deep snow and great moments of fish biting everywhere. If you had the touch or were lucky to have a fishing buddy who did you went home with fish.

One of the many plowed roads that lead somewhere on the bay. In this case due east toward the break wall.

Cohos for dinner?

Ore Dock demolition continues through winter months.

Demolition as seen from the north end of the dock.

Demolition as seen from the north end of the dock.

Demolition continues from the shore working out the dock. View from the west.

The USGS Research vessel KIYI.  In it's winter berth west of the ore dock. 

Future winter berths are going to be much different without the protective wall of the ore dock.  Protection from NE storms will be gone. The micro-climates resulting from the massive concrete heat sink will be gone. Additionally the camping area to the west of KIYI's berthing area will never be the same for the same reason. I believe that this micro-climate change will impact the entire community.

Winter visited a few days ago.

8 to 10 inches of snow on the deck.

31 years of snow blowing with this John Deere 826.

Same route with each and every storm. Backyard, south on the alley, sidewalks, front walks,  mailmen's path.

I like to snow blow.

Mailmen's path between the houses.