Friday, June 19, 2009

Fishing, camping, friends, cookout... and memories.

Wading and trying out my new 2wt fly rod.

All in all I think I enjoy this kind of fishing most. Very little gear, no boat to haul and manage and most important lots of time to think of dandelions the Wareham finger piers, Onset Bay and fishing with my dad.

Every fishing trip, near every cast, near every strike or nibble brings me back to the memories of a son and his dad fishing so many years ago. The gear has changed the waters have changed but the memories are still the same.

Happy birthday dad. Happy father's day dad. Happy memories dad.

Thanks for teaching me to fish 57 years ago.

As the five year old with the Zebco rod and reel said.......I've got one dad! I've got one!

A special thanks to our friends who helped Donna and I celebrate her retirement with a specially cooked AND delivered meal to our campsite.

Thanks to Carol and Bev for the photos contained in this post.