Monday, September 24, 2007

John J. Boland off loading coal.

The John J. Boland.

Click here for ship details.

Click here for ship arrival and departure information.

Ross's Goose or a hybrid with "Snow Goose influence".

These two photos were taken on the west end lake shore just east of Bodin's on the Lake. This must be the bird located and ID by Ryan Brady and Tim Oksiuta. Ryan raised some question about it's bill shape and markings suggesting some Snow Goose influence.

I hope these photos will help sort out the final ID.

Base on it's relative size and viewed from a distance I must admit that my initial impression was what is that seagull doing in the middle of all those geese.

Here is a Ross's Goose photographed by Ryan Brady.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Photos from this week.

Lucy Mae or Marigny of the very cute "twins". If I knew which one I'd tell you. That's why they call them "twins". She's not sure who the guy with the camera is. So that makes us even.

Fall sailing. We are approaching "peak colors" here in northern Wisconsin.

Looks good but don't eat this one.

Or these!

Ashland's newly remodeled football stadium. New field, new press box, new lights and new name.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

First day of school. A proud family. A lifetime landmark.

A moment in every families life. The first day of school for the first child.

A pretty new dress. Pigtails and of course a backpack.

Everyone starts school with a name tag.

Arriving at school.

Saying goodbye. Have a fun day. Work hard. Tear. Tear.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ashland's new city entrance sign.

Today was the first time I've noticed it. I'm guessing it went up in the pass couple of days.

Hitch hiker.

This spider has been living and traveling behind my drivers side mirror for several weeks now.

As I travel down the highway it will sometimes be caught "out" and will just hang on until I stop. It will then retreat behind the mirror.

I have been watching this spider for several weeks. Since seeing "my" spider I have notice several other cars with similar webs on their mirrors.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

This weeks smorgasbord of photos.

Thank you Becky for the beautiful piece of artwork. This shot from nature made me think of your artwork. The shape, colors and texture. Thanks again.

This guy and thousands of other like it were an all to common sight in northern Wisconsin this summer. An infestation with crop damage.

Not a very attractive moth but still a great photo op.

This is one of the small "crops" of apples we picked yesterday. This branch has produced 10-15 apples each year since it was grafted to our crab apple tree. We had to harvest it earlier than we would have like to but one of our four legged furry friends kept sampling the goods. A bite here and a bite there then drop it to the ground. It took us several days to catch on to what was happening. I didn't know squirrels like apples. They (the apples not the squirrels) sure made a great pie. I'll bet it will taste even better tomorrow.

Do squirrels taste like chicken? Fair warning my furry friends! Meat eaters live in this house.

This has been ID as a Buckeye Tree. Nice call JM. For additional info click here. This photo was taken in Port Wing Wisconsin in a yard.

Thanks to WG (see posts) This plant has been ID as common comfrey (Symphytum officinale). For more info click here. This photo was taken in an open field surround by goldenrod and blackberry canes.