Thursday, July 30, 2009

Remembering Gramma and Grampa Lockhart.

My maternal grandparents Hattie and Joe had a Trumpet Vine on their garage.

I use to pluck the flowers and taste the nectar at the bottom. I never wondered how safe that was. It was a kid thing to do. Sure glad I didn't taste any of these visitors.

Sure must be something still sweet about these flower. Other than just the memories.

2009 Harvest. All within 50 feet. Small yard gardens.

The birds made me do it. Really, as I sat in may chair working (really) I looked out the window and the blackbirds were stripping the tree. Decision time. Work, pick, work, pick, work, pick? I'll..............take a break from work and pick.

I'm going for the low hanging fruit. In this case sour cherries.

Might just as well pick some raspberries while I'm taking a break from work to pick cherries.

Might also need to check and see "what's on deck" to harvest next. Plums and........

Grapes and..............
Transparent apples.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yesterday's rain.

This wall of rain hit Ashland about twenty minutes after this photograph was taken at the intersection of WI Hwy 63 and WI Hwy 118. It brought some much need rain to our backyard.

Mid summer. Time to start the harvesting of the 2009 crops.

My favorite green thumb owner harvesting this year's cherry crop.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little kayaking and a little not so silent a sport. (VIDEO)

We spent a couple of hours on this Bayfield County WI lake fishing and kayaking.
The fishing was s...l..o...w. The kayaking was quiet and enjoyable.

After kayaking we stop to visit friends. They sent us off on a little four wheeling excursion to check out a potential camping site. This was another first time experience for our favorite retiree.

Based on the quick smile you see in this video I can say the four wheeling ride went well. The campsite is on our list of must do.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Out fished again with (VIDEO).

Yesterday we fished a small Catch and Release (only) lake. The lake is in Delta has great access with a nice forest road and path leading down to the lake. The water was crystal clear with lots of shoreline structure. We caught largemouth bass, bluegills and crappies.

Largemouth 1

Largemouth 2

Largemouth 3

My only claim to fame is that she caught two of the bass on a fly that I designed and tied. I'm thinking it needs to have a name. Suggestions? Be nice.

Two different varations. Both are weighted and "swim" well. The small bait fish fry are immediately attracted to it. I'm thinking I might have to tie a larger version that I could land and fillet.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

5 Star rated campsite.

Camping doesn't get any better than this. This campsite had no crowds, great view, electric hook up, fresh coffee (delivered) in the A.M., shipping traffic to watch, birds to photograph, a private guide for touring the area and..........WiFi at the campsite. We've made reservations for another visit in the near future.

Plenty of time to sit and read.

Or nap.

Or watch ship traffic.

Understatement of the month? Shot this photo on one of our sightseeing outings.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yet another new retirement experience.

Not bad for a first time kayaker. Taking the new Future Beach Angler 160 Kayak out for a test paddle. This boat is a fishing boat. Amazingly stable for it's size and weight.

Gliding along. There might have to be a second one of these boats in our future. Easy to fish from lots of features like rod holders, dry storage, cup holder, comfortable seat and foot rest. Easy to load on the car top carrier....... and a second one would fit just fine.

Sure looks like a retirement photo to me.

Parent-player softball challenge match.

Foul ball.

Infield double.
Harassing the base runner. Nice glove Skip.

Nice toy.

Mom, daughter and sister.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

A unique Ashland WI experience. July 4th "Fire Run"

Each 4th of July just at dusk and as a prelude to the fireworks Ashland WI has it's "Fire Run". A run down main street of all available emergency equipment. Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, wreckers. If it has lights and a siren it will probably be on main street on the 4th of July, for a little over three minutes, for the fire run.

Somedays the fishing is better than other days. July 4, 2009

Taken today on Pine Lake Wisconsin. 35 lb tiger muskie.

The day was just right for fishing. Sunny, light breeze, great reports of fish activity and friends. Everything came together. Fish finder was showing fish large and small at a range of depths. Plenty of bait and refreshments. A great day to fish.

When the days over, the boat is tied to the dock and when it's was all said and done what more can you ask for.

Today for this fisherman it was the chance to have his picture taken with one beautiful fish.

Oh! and somedays the fishing isn't great.......and you still get to have your picture taken with a tiger muskie.

Thanks J&K for an enjoyable afternoon.