Friday, February 26, 2010

Somehow the word got out that I retired.

Somehow the word got out that I had retired........ and then...... everybody showed up at a party.

I'm still trying to figure out how it happened. I will provide more details soon.

But for now....
Thank you to all who planned the party (I'm still working on those details).

Thank you to all who surprised me at the StageNorth.

Thank you for all the wonderful cards, notes and gifts.

For now just let me say that I'll have plenty of bait, tackle, coffee, fishing gear and yes a little booze for my up coming ice fishing adventures.

More details to come.... soon!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cold, snowy and blowing. A view from inside.


Setup and ready to fish. 

 Close quarters. All the essentials. Vexilar, waxies, shinners, coffee and of course fish. This perch is what we like to see come up through the ice. This is what I would call a "jumbo".  At least for Chequamegon Bay over the last few years.


A view to the Southwest. The Oredock and Chequamegon Hotel. 


Sunset as seen from inside the T-P. 


Sunset over Barksdale WI.
  The more I look at this photo the more I like it. 


And this photo.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Across The Bay 2010. 1k rest stop.

The first rest stop at 1k.

Tina, John and a friend "packing six guns".

The first rest stop at 1k.

Kellie, Scott and a friend with "cool orange leggings".


Scott, Kellie and Donna.

Taking the day off. Getting ready to fish tomorrow.

Many of my recent posts have talked about catching smelt and perch. Well yesterday was a slow day of fishing but Mrs. fishing partner caught this 8" smelt. So here is what a smelt looks like before they are featured in a "smelt fry".

These little guys are very aggressive for their size. Inch for inch they put up a better "fight" than perch.
As my nephew Skip puts it "if these fish grew to 2-3 lbs everyone would be fishing for them".  And they are great in a fish fry.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two days of fishing. Sunny weather. Visitors stopping by. Some staying to fish.

 Yesterday started out like this. Cloudy but warm with no wind. 

By early afternoon the clouds were gone and the sun was out. I think the sun brought out Shannon and Jake. They stop by on their way to the lighthouse. Shannon works as a barista at the coffee shop and Jake works as a bartender at StageNorth. On more than one occasion my day has started with hot coffee served by Shannon and then ended with a beverage (cocktail) served by Jake. Often with ice fishing sandwiched in the middle. 

Today started out sunny and ideal for just sitting on the ice and fishing.

The ideal conditions brought out my favorite fishing partner. Sorry guys! Mrs. fishing partner walked out from shore and stay to fish. She did great catching perch and smelt and "mastering" the Vexilar.

Late afternoon brought out the brother-in-law to quote "give me a ration of &%#"...... which he did with the added benefit of teasing Mrs. fishing partner to boot.  


Traditional tip-up. On cold days the hole will freeze up and require more attention than the round tip-up below. This type of tip-up is the most conventional and often used by ice fishing enthusiast in this region.

This tip-up works great especially on cold days. It completely covers the hole and for the most part prevents freeze up. This tip-up has two additional benefits. One... it has a built in tackle box. The black area on the left is the cover for a small compartment. I find it really useful for storing the hooks (treble) on the end of the line during transportation. Which brings us to... benefit number two. This tip-up is easy to pack-up, store and transport. Note: the reflective tape on each tip-up flag. Great for night fishing. Add a flashlight and your ready to go.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scavengers on the ice. Eagle, Ravens and Coyote.

The eagle was the least aggressive. It stood back and watched until the Ravens had eaten all of the bait fish I left on the ice.

This guy was getting more than his share of the minnows.

The Coyote was determined to find something worth eating.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ashland-Washburn Olympic Torch Run. Sponsored by StageNorth, Washburn, WI.

The lighting of the torch at the starting point in Ashland. The Black Cat Coffee Shop.

The first leg of the torch run leaving the Black Cat.

U.S. Highway 2 leg. Leaving Ashland WI. Destination Washburn.

Torch arriving in Washburn WI.

Torch arriving at Washburn High School.

Halftime Washburn / Drummond basketball.

Transferring the flame to Carol "Coke" Lindsey and her mother Betty bring the bay area's version of the Olympic Torch to Stage North in Washburn Friday, honoring the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Lindsey took part in the Summer Olympics of 1984 as part of the U.S. team handball team, and also carried the Olympic torch for the Atlanta games in 1996. Lindsey said it was fitting that her mother join her for the final leg of the Ashland to Washburn torch run, because of the support she had given Lindsey in her Olympic efforts. Story by Rick Olivo Ashland Daily Press

Approaching StageNorth.

 Waiting crowd and StageNorth.

Final moments.

 Lighting the wick.


Let the games begin....

Everyone wants to join the games and hold the torch.

Mom (Donna) and Scott.

  Let the party begin......

Ashland-Washburn Olympic torch was built by Scott Griffiths for StageNorth.

Additional photos of other legs of the run available through StageNorth. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Double digits. Driving on the ice. No ice fishing.

Chequamegon Bay Lighthouse

We are standing just NW of the lighthouse over the shipping channel. The water depth below us is ~ 30 feet.


This  winter will probably be the last opportunity we will have to have this picture taken. If things go according to the current plan the Oredock will be torn down starting this spring.

We are standing NW of the Oredock. The water depth below our feet is probably 30 feet.

Ok, here is the explanation of the title "double digits". We have lived here since 1978... 31 years and I had to prove there was 24 + inches of ice below our feet...... before my wife finally drove on Chequamegon Bay. 31 and 24 double digits.

Here she comes off the bay after her first solo spin out on the ice.

Driving up onto the "landing". Finally ashore.

P.S. for those keeping count I did fish yesterday. Slow but caught smelt and perch. Had fresh fish with K & S for supper.