Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A little wedding and little reception.

Lighting candles. I should have gone to the rehearsal. I missed the best shot of the candle lighting.

Pretty cute bridesmaid hanging on that arm.

The view from the front of the church during the service.

Part of a tradition in Ashland. The wedding party bar hops (in a limo). For those who know the town. Hec's, The "Neighb" (Neighborly) and The Office.

"Sister-in-laws" Or soon to be.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some wedding guests and lets dance.

Jason (Bestman) and family.

Annette's friend!

Music for everyone.

This one had my toe tapping.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

More of the party. Fun and family.

Update from the honeymooners in Florida.
This was posted as a comment on this post. At 3:42 P.M EST. today
hey unk,
we are at captiva island fl.
we are driving a pt cruiser convertible. had a couple drinks today , the sun is hot!!!!!!! but nice.
we saw crab races last night, and dolphins this morning. tomorrow to the everglades then the keys.
let everyone know that the updates will keep coming here.
thank you so much we love the pictures
talk to you soon
love ryan and dana

Note: Here is where they are: Captiva Island Florida

You had to be there! Jason is "paid in full".

The bride's aunt made the cake. WOW. And it tasted great.

And this was before the music started.

Stop giggling!

High five for Tony. Good job!

Grampa's lap is always a good place to crash.

Mom, Dad and the sisters.

My favorite midwest college student.

Wedding party.

Question: Why is this father-in-law smiling?
Answer: His new daughter-in-law bow hunts and fishes.

Watching mom and dad dance. Cousins dreaming.

My guess is.... THIS is where the "I'm going to be a bride someday" dream starts.

I think this photo falls into "a picture speaks a thousand words" category.

Two of the cute party goers.

Two not so cute party goers. And..this was early in the evening.

Thermal socks. Hey it's Northern Wisconsin!

The non-offical photographer gets paid.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's official! Mr. & Mrs. W.

The serious part.

Don't they look happy?

You may kiss the bride.

What a great excuse to wear a tiara.

The bride and groom and her parents.

The bride and groom with his parents.

The wedding party.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The formula.

The formula:
Take one warm late winter day or early spring day (at 38 degrees)..."mix"... and you get....
One nice muddy mud puddle "add".....
One little girl with spoon and pan playing quietly in her own imaginary world.

One little brother with his own imaginary mission.....





And you get one of Springs great joys for the kids and adults alike.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bachelor Party. Northern Wisconsin style.

The winning largest fish Northern Pike 5 lb. 3 oz.(left) the bachelor (center) and the best man (right). Update: The largest fish winner also won the smallest fish (bait size). The best man wins the BIGGEST prize of the day for pulling off a fun bachelor party. Thanks Jason!

The first and last fish (another winner) in this batch of crappies. This prize was won by the bachelor. I think it was rigged.

The party crew. Taking over this small northern Wisconsin lake. We fished from 11:00 A.M to 5:30 P.M. had a great time caught fish and enjoyed the camaraderie.

The hot spot for the day. I've got it marked on my GPS!

Lunch! The biggest cheer of the day not the biggest fish but when they got the beer tapper working. Weather in the teens. Wind blowing at a bone chilling rate and beer on tap. A hardy bunch!

Horseshoes on the ice. I'm not sure who won the tournament but the cheering and jeering was loud. For those who might be wondering the familiar sounds of clinging and clanging of a summer horseshoe game are not lost on 20 inches of ice. From inside a warm ice shack with your eyes closed you can imagine the summer scene. That is until you open the door. Reality!

This Bald Eagle circle overhead for about and hour. This small lake has a resident eagle during the summer months this in fact might be it.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ice fishing on the bay.

This photo was taken yesterday from Meyer's Beach. This was taken on our trek to the ice caves.

This photo was taken today just before dusk.

This was tonight's sunset.

I spent the afternoon ice fishing on the bay with family and friends. Fishing was slow for me but the day was beautiful. Maybe if I concentrated more on the fish and less the scenery I'd be eating fish tonight. Oh well I did bring these treats home. Enjoy!