Saturday, January 31, 2009

This should make all of us Ashlanders feel better.

These two weather reports were captured offline by our snowbird friends Dale & Donna. They were captured last week during the cold snap here. I know us locals were sure complaining about the cold. But now I see it wasn't just us. Of course we had more than shorts, T-shirts and sandals to wear. Thanks Dale.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

First ice fishing trip 2009

Lots of firsts in these photos. Beside the obvious....the first perch of 2009 it's also the first fish I've ever caught on a fly (bait) that I tied myself.

Thanks again to Rick my friend and fly tying mentor.

I found the pattern for this small, mostly eye, fly on the web. It was for "catching perch" and it sure seems to have lived up to it's billing.

Speaking of firsts...this is the first time I've seen a perch with this obvious parasite (?). Does anyone know what it is. We caught several perch today with these parasites / tumors (?).

01/29/09 UPDATE: Via Fish Health Specialist in Madison says:

"I am 99% sure that the fish has Lymphocystis. In addition to infecting skin and causing growths on walleye, I have seen the growths on y perch and bluegill.

Lymphocystis is caused by an iridovirus (same kind of virus that causes LMB virus disease). The growths tend to slough off when the water temps increase in summer. Not visually appealing, but are not thought to harm the fish or people."

Thanks RB for facilitating the communications.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The nicest Christmas present I have ever received.

Thank you Kara. Gramma is proud of you. Your present is what Christmas is about. I will hang the original where I can see it everyday. Someday I will sit down with you and your picture and tell you about my memories of my home.

Kara this is the house that my mom, your Gramma, grew up in. This is exactly how I remember it. Someday we will sit down with this picture and I will tell you about all the great memories I have of spending time at my Gramma's house. You can still see this building at 16 Wildwood Ave. You can only see this home by looking at this piece of art. I will tell you about playing in the yard. Getting wet in the creek. Eating grapes from the grape vines. And skating on the bog in the winter.

Kara someday in not to many years (in old people time) it will be your piece of art that will contain the memories of the home at 245 Williams Street.

Love Unk