Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today was sunny and windy on Chequamegon Bay.

Lake Superior Brown Trout. NOT caught by me.

4th fishing trip on the bay this year. The ice is thick enough to drive cars and trucks. At this spot there is about 30 feet of water under the snowmobile.

Ashland WI Lighthouse. This photo was taken from todays fishing spot. The darker spots are clear ice with no snow cover. 

This photo was taken from todays fishing spot. Ashland's Oredock. 

A view inside an ice fishing shack. From left to right the propane heater, plywood to keep feet warm , water cooler with the bait,  9" hole with rod and reel and gear bucket with the fish finder on top. The heater does a good job keeping you warm so you can fish without a coat and gloves. The fish finder.... well maybe not exactly a finder. It does "tell you" when there are fish below. With the right winter gear it can be very comfortable out on the ice.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012's first trip on Chequamegon Bay. 8-10" of ice. Fish biting

Maiden voyage for 2012. As usual more equipment than needed yet still missing some key things. Notice my new high tech Arctic Armor float suit. Not something you want to have to use but safety first. Visit this website to see how it "works".

The day started out perfect. Sunny, cold and clear. It soon turned to cloudy and overcast. 

Setup and fishing. This is one of our favorite spots. A GPS is a wonderful thing. We return to this site year after year and it most always produce fish. Today I out fished my nephew that rarely ever happens. GLOAT GLOAT.

A view looking SW toward Xcel Power Plant.

My nephew Skip. Who caught less fish than me. Gloat gloat. Boy I'm going to pay for gloating. But considering the score is probably Skip 1000, Unk 1. I'm enjoying the win.

Supper. Fresh perch and a Coho.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

News from across Chequamegon Bay. Mayor's race in Washburn WI.

Facebook: Griffiths For Mayor 

Click here for: 
Scott Griffiths' mining bill testimony in Hurley, WI. January 11, 2012. Testimony starts at 59:30

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ice fishing season. Only there is no ice.

Chequamegon Bay looking south from the "S-Curve" between Barksdale and Washburn WI. 
Notice the lighthouse and the Chequamegon Hotel.

Lighthouse and breakwall from the "S-Curve" between Barksdale and Washburn WI.

Chequamegon Hotel from the "S-Curve" between Barksdale and Washburn WI

The only sign of ice on the "S-Curve" between Barksdale and Washburn WI.