Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There is a theme in the last two posts. Guesses?

Hint: It's not the falls.

Superior Falls Saxon Harbor WI region.
Superior Falls

Lake Superior at Superior Falls. Looking east on the Michigan side of the falls.

Additional hint.

Copperfalls State Park Mellen WI. One of the several falls in this state park.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These Coyotes were photographed at the back edge of an 80 acre field with a 400 mm lens. This field has been one of the best place I know for seeing and photographing wildlife. I've seen and photographed eagles, coyotes, bear, hawks, turkeys, sandhill cranes, harriers and deer to name a few. In fact I've decide to add a new label to use with these photos...hwy118

Bald Eagles and Bald Eagles and .......

My wife and I were treated to a rare sight for us. First and Adult Bald Eagle perched along US 2 in Maple Wisconsin and then as we were leaving we spotted the rare sight of 10+ (we counted 13 at one point) eagles all with a few hundred feet of each other. Unfortunately the gathering was at the back edge of an 80 acre field. These shots were taken with a 400 mm lens. Still a great sight. It's starting to feel like spring is not far off.

Pileated and Downy Woodpeckers

Thanks to our friends E & T for having us over for great food, great friendship and yes great bird watching.