Monday, November 24, 2008

Straight out of a magazine. Thanks again to Rick.

This fly was from and article in a fly tying magazine. It focused on a fly you can tie from craft store ingredients.

The eyes are from common (sewing) pins cut at 3/8" long. The cut pin are tied together. The eyes are then tied perpendicular to the hook (Size 10 2x).

The body is made from sticky back foam bought at a big box store.

The tail and wings (legs) are suppose to be from metallic embroidery floss. The floss was not available in the big box store. So I cheated and went to the fly shop in town and purchased Flashabou.

I'm planning some smaller sizes and some different body colors.

I guess now I'll have to return Rick's magazine.

Griffith's Gnat

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We have our country back!


John J. Donahue
William C. Murphy
Lawrence T. Andrews
Raymond R. Lapointe
James E. Henry
Ronald Roderick

and 58,000 others.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wow. New hobby. Thanks Rick.

Ready for the river? This is my first attempt at a Woolly Bugger. Heck it's only the second attempt at any fly tying pattern. Thanks for the private lesson(s) Rick and Cory.

So after years of fishing I've finally taken the plunge. i guess I'm going to tie flies. Fly tying seems to be just like my other hobbies it makes your wallet lighter. So far it's been fun.

Day of the Dead 2008

Joe and Barb. Sorry we missed your annual event. W & D

Halloween 2008. Caterpillars, skunks, princess, fireman and such.

Kitchen staff at school. Great people great meals everyday.