Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our small "bragging" and memory wall.

When you live in an area of the country with some of the best fishing and hunting opportunities you better take advantage. I'm not much of a hunter but I have always loved to fish. Starting in 2001 my wife Donna started to fish with me. So to commemorate the ten years 2001-2010 we decided to leave a little something to prove we did spend time fishing.

The mounted fish were all caught over one complete fishing season in 2010. Two Walleyes one caught in summer season and one caught through the ice. The Northern Pike was caught through the ice by Donna her first fish while ice fishing. The Bluegills / Pumpkin Seeds / Brim were caught on several of the small inland lake we like to fish.

None of the fish would ever even come close to making a record book but they each have there own "record" in our memories.

The fish mount was made by:  Bayside Taxidermy Ashland, Wisconsin.

The hat in the photo according to some is  my "lucky fishing hat".  But those who are close know that it's more than that. 

The hat has a fishing rod and a four leaf clover on it. The fishing rod is in memory of my dad who taught me to fish when I was five. The four leaf clover is in memory of my mom who could walk along nearly anywhere grass grew and simply bend over while saying "here's one" and pluck a four leaf clover out of the mass of green. 

So is it my lucky fishing hat? Yes! it is but it's much much more. The one hanging on the fish mount is the original one I had made. Since then I have had four or five backup hats made to wear.

The wall plaque on the left contains 10 years of Wisconsin Inland Lake Trout Stamps and 10 Years of Great Lakes Trout Stamps (2001-2010).  In the center is a picture of Donna and myself each with a fish on the line.  Hint: Donna's fish a Largemouth Bass and is, shall we say much bigger than the specimen I'm holding in my picture. Some days your luckier than others.

Above and below our photos are our 2001 (red) and 2010 (green) Wisconsin State Husband and Wife fishing licenses.

We had the plaque professionally mounted and all the stamps, photo and licenses are in archival envelopes.

The plaque was done by: Karlyn's Gallery Washburn, Wisconsin

Friday, June 15, 2012

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Now and Zen. A book by friends.

Now and Zen, a ‘cozy mystery’ by co-authors Deb Lewis and Pat Ondarko , third in the series of Best Friends Mysteries set in northern Wisconsin.