Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Ice still in Chequamegon Bay. And the Ore Dock is slowly being torn down.

Click on each photo for a larger version.

Panoramic photo of Chequamegon Bay taken 05/01/13 from the overlook just west of Chequamegon Hotel on the north side of US Highway 2.  The far left of the photo is looking toward the west-southwest (the head of the bay). The far right of the photo is looking east-southeast toward Ashland Ore Dock undergoing demolition. The center of the photo is looking west-northwest toward Washburn WI.

This photo was taken today from the same spot as the panoramic view above was taken. This is the current state of demolition of the ore dock. Note the distance from shore and the backhoes near the southern (shore) end.