Friday, April 14, 2006

Smelting. "Fishing or netting" smelt.

Smelting is a night time activity. Sometimes an all night long activity. Campfires, buckets, lights, nets, waders, hip boots, liquid refreshment and smelters from miles around head to the shores of Lake Superior each spring.

The two smelters in this photo are dragging a seine net along the bottom. The "pull" will start in about waist deep water and work towards shore hopefully netting the spawning smelt in the net.

This "pull" only produced a few smelt for the bucket. When the smelt run is at it's peak a good "pull" can fill a five gallon pail.

This group of smelters are from Eau Claire WI and Park Falls WI. The two individual groups are sharing this beach space to everyones advantage.

Traditionally someone "volunteers" to bite the head off a dead smelt. This is tonight's "volunteer" for this group. Everyone else was glad it wasn't their turn to "volunteer". And a good time was had by all. Cold beer anyone?

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pissed off patricia said...

This is so interesting. I want to come visit up there next year and eat fried smelt. I don't want to be the head-bitter-offer-person, though.

We are going walking on the beach in the morning. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a beautiful Easter seashell.

Just finished coloring Easter eggs. I refuse to ever grow up!