Saturday, May 20, 2006

Baltimore Oriole

Relaxing day today. Although it started out overcast and cold the day turned out to be sunny and reasonably warm.

I spent most of the day in the backyard working in the sun on "projects". It was fun to make some sawdust and to end up with a useable product. I also took time to play in the dirt so to speak as I rotated the compost bins and screened the oldest for about a yard of new compost. Have to keep the gardener in the house supplied with potting soil.

Just before supper the Mrs. the dog and I took a walk along one of our new favorite spots where this colorful Baltimore Oriole sang and flittered from Aspen tree to Aspen tree.

If the weather holds out tomorrow i think we'll take the boat out for the maiden voyage of the year and we might just try and catch tomorrow's supper.

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