Monday, May 29, 2006

Rhododendrons, Lilacs and Bird-on-wing.


White Lilacs

Bird-on-wing. Named for the appearance of a bird on wing. Although it appears orchid like it is not an orchid. It is found in pine forests. This photo was taken at the appropriately named Pine Haven Resort Minocqua WI.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful

Mary said...

Love the bird-on-wing. I had never seen that before. Beautiful.

pissed off patricia said...

Wow, some pretty stuff there!

blujeenz said...

i'm trying to grow a yellow lilac..never knew there was such a thing til a coworker told me. i have white and purple too, but my yellow one is only a few inches tall at best so only time will that they bloom just in time for mother's day (for mom each year i bring a vase full) but too bad they only last a short time..oh well, it's worth the wait and i enjoy them while they last!