Saturday, September 15, 2007

Camp Clark 1954-1962. And one weekend in 1997.

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Camp Clark


Anonymous said...

I remember those fond meories too when I had no big brother around for two whole weeks to tease me I was glad to see mom amd dad leave you there and two weeks later when we went to get you I beg them to leave you there. then When we got to spend two weeks there with you, OH the memories.. but I would love to have those child hoos days for two more wonderful weeks.. che

Spadoman said...

I've heard about this camp before in our conversations while hunting photo ops in the north country. Fall is a good time to renew those drives. I need a pasty!

Great memories of the camp. I laughed because Bill Grogans Goat and The Hole in the Bottom of the Sea were sung when we worked at YMCA Camp Menogyn in northern MN. Some things won't never change. Remind me to pull out the Menogyn songbook at the nexy campfire at the Cabinette.

Anonymous said...

do you remember DC sending the girls with a DOBIE bean tied with GIMP in the woods and if the dobie bean fell out that meant you had caught a dobie and he would be your friend for life. I never really did see those dobies but I sure have a lot of memories about our good friend DC. Deb and I were just talking abut him the other day.. and when he said a friend for life he should have said memories for life. those good old camp songs too.. ..

Deb said...

I am the "younger sister" still as cute as ever! I was probably 3 years old in that picture but that would make it about 36 years ago...hmmm...ok well maybe 1957.
How many campfires have we sung Hole in the Bucket at???
Great memories. Thanks for the trip.
Love, Deb

theadlemans said...

thinking about you uncle shutterwi. l&m