Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Shrek alternative.

While Mom, Dad, big sister and big sister's friend were off at the movies (Shrek III) we enjoy a couple of hours hanging out with our young buddy.

Heading to the top of the slide.

Now that was fun!

It's hard work cutting the grass and it takes a maximum effort.

Butterflies and a bird.

A moment of peace.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last weekends birding festival.

Early morning sunrise at the head of the bay. This area with it's sand bars is a great birding area. Many of the photos seen on this blog were taken in this area.

A 5:30 A.M. birding group. This group was lead by Ryan Brady.

Ryan and the same group about one hour later overlooking the same shoreline areas.

I should have posted these sooner. But better late than never.

City flower gardens. Volunteer gardeners.

Volunteer gardeners hard at work planting this years flowers. How about the "oversight" from the past. The Captian seems pleased.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sandhill Crane. Short Bridge.

For more information visit here.

Common Tern.

Look close at this birds what do you notice?

For those who live around water you can almost hear this bird calling.

For more information visit here.

Give up on the question above? Does this help?

Update: I asked about tern banding here is the reply I got from Ryan Brady.
The DNR has been banding the Common Terns at Tern Island for many years. Many, if not most, of the birds seen locally, esp. during late spring and summer, are banded. No colors, just aluminum bands.

Thanks Ryan!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blue-winged Teal.

For more information visit here.

American Avocet.

For more information visit here.

Update: 05/22/07 the Avocet was on Westend beach at noon and at 16:00 today. Here are several more photos taken today.

This is a pose this bird would maintain for 3-5 minutes at at time. At first I thought it was preening but later I felt it might be a resting pose. Anyone know? Ryan? Tim?

Red-winged Blackbird

Foraging along the edge of one of the ponds at Northern Greatlakes Visitors Center.

Dragonfly for lunch. Going!



For more information visit here.

Lesser Yellowlegs

For more information visit here.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Loggerhead Shrike. "Very rare" in this area.

Loggerhead Shrike. Thanks again to Ryan Brady.

Loggerhead Shrike preening.

Loggerhead Shrike preening.

In this series of shots the two birds are "exchanging" either food or nesting (?) material. Look close and you can see it being past back and forth (?). These photos are enlarged to 200% and are blurry. Sorry! Look close at their beaks they are passing something. For more information on Loggerhead Shrikes look here.

Fishing between the States (WI & MN). The St .Louis River.

The Bong Bridge connecting Superior WI and Duluth MN. These photographs were taken from the Wisconsin shore looking west to Minnesota.

Bill and friends setting out for some walleye fishing. I hope Bill caught his limit or at least had a great day of fishing with family and friends.

Setting up and getting ready to fish.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New sidewalks. WET cement. One very curious youngster.

New sidewalks in the neighborhood means lot of trucks and other neat equipment and of course WET cement. Add to this mixture one VERY curious youngster and......... end up with a cement covered curious youngster. Five minutes before this photo was taken this young guy was laying belly down in the new sidewalk cement. After the rescue by mom everyone including the cement workers had a great laugh.

Earlier in the day. Pull up a seat and watch the "wow! wow! WOW!" backhoe.

The big sister joins the vigil with her own front row seating.

Or as the day wears on you can just lean against a nearby tree and watch.

Until you get bored than you can try this.