Friday, October 17, 2008

To work and back.

Spotted these turkeys on the way to work yesterday morning.

On the way home I spotted this guy.

This guy was trying to cross Sanborn Ave east to west north of Hwy.118 He /she was very patient.

After 10 minutes or so of sitting and waiting it decided to run south along the ditch. Popping up here and there. Eventually it disappeared..... I waited and waited from a distance expecting it to popup and cross the road.

After 10 minutes or so I decided to slowly drive closer to the spot where I had last seen it. I knew it hadn't turned east because there was open field.

Where had it gone? Ok! I know you're there. Just one more photo. Several slow passes along the ditch from the opposite side of the road and no luck. Ok you have to be laying in the grass and waiting.

One more final pass along the ditch on the east side of the road. Where are you? You have to be kidding! A culvert a 4 foot wide culvert passing under the road east to west.

No bear just the culvert.

NO I didn't get out and look but I'll bet this bear has found a safe way across Sanborn Ave.

Update: Well curiosity got the better of me so I drove back to the culvert to see if it pass straight through and was large enough for a bear to pass. Sure enough it went straight through. I'm sure it was the bears escape route.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008


The artist and the patron.

An addition to the collection of oak leaves and acorns. The artist Pat (l) and patron Donna (r).

Gary B. a fellow veteran. For "Sgt. H".

Fall Harvest 2008

Swenson Red grapes.

Haral Red apples.

Apples and grapes just before harvest. Notice the single bunch of grapes in the upper left. And your eyes are not fooling you there is netting covering the grapes. The yard birds love the grapes. Last year a family of Cardinals wiped out the crop before we could get our share. Not this year.

Fresh Swenson Red jelly

Haral Red apples