Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is there light at the end of this tunnel.? Will this project get finished?

There is suppose to be a second phase to this tunnel project that is going to make this tunnel accessible to all. The second phase has yet to start. If you live in Ashland and support this effort call Ashland City Hall and ask them when they are going to finish this project. City Hall number is 715-682-7071

If you are a Wisconsin resident who might consider vacationing in Ashland and would like to see this tunnel finished call the Ashland Chamber of Commerce 715-682-2500 and ask them to push this project ahead so you and your family can safely access the waterfront from Ashland's downtown

If you are a disabled Wisconsin resident please call city hall and the chamber and ask them when they will finish this project. So you to can enjoy the waterfront.

If you have the time and the inclination please write a letter the local newspaper and ask about the status of the project. Ashland Daily Press, 122 Third Street West, Ashland, WI, 54806

Ashland's "new" waterfront access tunnel/plaza.

Composite of two concept drawings. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE.

For those familiar with Ashland this new tunnel and soon to be plaza is behind The Golden Glow restaurant and Ashland City Hall. When completed it will finally provide safe access to Ashland's lakeshore biking and walking trail.

This trail (when completed) will circumscribe the Ashland City center. It will stretch from Westend beach on the west end of town to WalMart on the east end of town. It's southern route travels along the Fifth Street corridor / railroad grade and the northern route follows the lakeshore.

For those citizens with disabilities it will provide ADA compliant access to Ashland's waterfront without a "life threatening dash" across US Highway 2. Of course senior citizens, mom's and dad's with strollers, bikers young and old alike and all tourist are also welcome.

Photo shot from location C looking north to the tunnel entrance/exit.

Site for the Plaza on the south side of US 2. Photo shot from location D looking west.

Photo shot from location A looking southwest to the tunnel entrance/exit.

Photo shot from location A looking northwest to bike and walking trail.

Photo shot from location A looking northwest to bike and walking trail.

Photo shot from location B looking west to bike and walking trail.

Photo shot from location B looking east to bike and walking trail.

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After the oredock is gone, the AHS teams can be renamed 'The Tunnelers'.