Saturday, July 11, 2009

5 Star rated campsite.

Camping doesn't get any better than this. This campsite had no crowds, great view, electric hook up, fresh coffee (delivered) in the A.M., shipping traffic to watch, birds to photograph, a private guide for touring the area and..........WiFi at the campsite. We've made reservations for another visit in the near future.

Plenty of time to sit and read.

Or nap.

Or watch ship traffic.

Understatement of the month? Shot this photo on one of our sightseeing outings.


coldH2O said...

Nice, esp. the WiFi & coffee. How far north of Duluth is this place?

coldH2O said...

After perusing the post a second time, Mrs. coldH2O & I are wondering if you have a portable outhouse set up? Is that another retirement experience? If so, you guys are really living.

Shutterwi said...

That is a biffy. You are right a perk of the retired. I had to walk to the public facilities. In front of my truck or next to the tree.

INKognito said...

But what about mosquitoes?
Electricity, coffee, AND wi-fi!!
Sounds heavenly!

Shutterwi said...

Not a one. The nice constant 10-15 mph breeze off the lake worked wonders.

bluegrassnorske said...

Nice! What is the grey tent? We will be in E.C. Thur and Fri to see my mum.

Shutterwi said...

I believe in your world that would be called a latrine.