Friday, July 29, 2011

Ashland's newest park and what will soon be the Ed Griffiths Pedestrian Pass

This sign (when finished) will be centered over the entrance (see below) to the 
 Ed Griffiths Pedestrian Pass

On August 6th, 2011 this tunnel will be officially named the Ed Griffiths Pedestrian Pass


coldH2Owi said...

This is a very good thing. Congrats to the parents of a great guy.

Publicus said...

I visited this park on July 4th of this year. It is truly an honor to Ed. I was also pleasantly surprised that the Park itself was named after my old friend and colleague Howie Pearson....He was Common Council President during my first term of office and we (alternately) stood shoulder-to-shoulder and toe-to-toe on many a political battle. I was glad to call him a friend.

Ed would be proud that Ashland has made the lakefront trail truly accessable. It's a wonderful tribute!