Thursday, March 08, 2012

Work on the oredock demolition for 2012 has started.

Here is where the work day starts for the crew members who are working up on the top.  The day begins with a nice long high climb up the open scaffolding stairs. I'm guessing the wooden build at the top is a break/lunch/management building.

A view of the east side outer end of the dock. Those who are familiar with the oredock's appearance will notice the difference.

They have started demolition by lowering each individual chute one at a time. It appears that they are not detaching them completely at this time.

If my information is correct the overall height of the oredock is 90 feet. If that is the case then follow down the set of stairs from the top (seen at just below the 2nd tower from the end).

At the bottom of the steps is a gangway with a guard rail. Below the gangway (I'm guessing now) is the opening from the hoppers up above.

Below that area are the chutes that have been lowered down. The chutes are probably about 40-45 feet long.

From this view you can see, on the lower half,  2 or 3 brown support columns. To the right and left of them are the lowered chutes.

You can see the backhoe operator it this shot. Seventy five feet up on a structure "that's not safe and need to be torn down" ..... nice job.  There is not enough money to get me in that backhoe.

If you look closely at the end of the backhoe arm you can see what I believe is an hydraulic winch. My guess is that they attach the winch to the upper end of a chute then "cut it loose" and winch it down allowing it to pivot down to a hanging position. In the picture below you can see six lowered chutes (right) and one raised chute on the left. 

This shot gives you the whole picture. From top to bottom.. backhoe and  operator, stairway down to gangway, the opening from the hoppers above, the hanging chutes, the dock base and finally 4 men working on the ice cleaning up debris from the lowering of the chutes.

This is a view from the west side of the oredock. I am parked on the ice road we use to get off and on the bay.

Here is the ice road looking toward shore at Kreher Park landing.

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