Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Bean Factory. St. Paul MN.

Road trip to Twin Cities. Had coffee at this great coffee shop / roaster. Stop and tell Steve that Joe "the new guy" sent you. Have Steve make you a cup at the brew bar. It doesn't get any fresher than from the brew bar.


spadoman said...

Thanks Shutter, Steve would love the attention about his coffee shop. I won't tell him!

A brew bar may need some explanation. I think I'll tell folks about it in my Blog today. Thanks for the idea. Cured my "writers block"

pissed off patricia said...

I'm pretty sure I can smell the coffee beans from here.

spadoman said...

Steve, the "S" in J & S Bean Factory, was here and I showed him this Blog. He loved the attention. Should motivate him to roast more of that Smokey Double Dark concoction he sends to us. Now, to get the coffeeshop, Delta Diner and The Loding Zone to serve it.