Thursday, May 25, 2006

Northern Flicker.

This Northern Flicker "suffered and episode" today. I'm not sure exactly what the "episode" was but this bird "fell from the sky" and landed on the road just ahead of me. It flopped around on the road until I managed to scoop it up and move it to the safety of this tree. I managed to get several photos before the bird regained it senses and flew off. I'm guessing it might have struck a wire. It didn't appear to have any injuries other than simply being dazed.


Mary said...

Do you think he is just a new flyer? There are alot of newbies around my barn. Some of them are just hopping around on the ground and don't fly away when I approach. Meanwhile there mothers are flying and squawking up a storm.

shutterwi said...


That is another possible explanation. I thought of that but he came from the direction of a open field. I know nothing of their nesting habits (i.e.trees) and it appears to be an adult male based on the coloration patterns.

Strange episode!

pissed off patricia said...

Yeah, it looks like an adult. Maybe he fell asleep at the wheel while flying or perhaps a hawk was involved. My guess would be the hawk factor.

they're beautiful birds and they can make one loud as hell call.

Kathleen Callon said...

Hope he's OK. Beautiful pics.

I'm thinking of folding up Rhodian Attic (or making it less political- something my kids can read)and just posting pics at the other. It's just getting too depressing. I'd rather just keep informed and post stuff that's uplifting (not much in politics is nowadays).

Just wanted to share and let you know I was thinking about ya. Hope you have a great weekend.

shutterwi said...


I understand. I've avoided political stuff because it is depressing. When I blog I want to go away happy not depress.

I will keep in touch and read/view you site.

I feel the mood is changing in the country and 2006 will tell us if we are on the path to correct the horrors of the last 5 years or if we are well.......screwed.

Take care and give the kids your time.


coldH2O said...

No offense, but happy won't get rid of Bu$hCo. That's not to say that a person shouldn't do things that make them feel better, no matter what the source. & why shouldn't children understand what's going on? They may well inherit this mess & knowing about it may help them solve it or avoid a repeat.